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NDHA is here to strengthen and revitalize the worldwide ASOS community. As part of our member services and outreach, NDHA is helping interested ASOS graduates and teachers organize reunions for their classes.

While NDHA does not have the resources to organize and host reunions, if you’re interested in organizing a reunion for your class(es) let us know! As a central hub, NDHA will facilitate however we can including outreach to your classmates who are NDHA members, hosting online signup forms, advisement on logistics, etc.

Of course, if you’re not interested in just attending, you should also sign up and we will share your interest with anyone from your class interested in organizing. And if you have a cool location and would like to host an in-person reunion let us know!

As always, pass the word on by sending this link to all your classmates!

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We care about your privacy. Please note, your information may be shared with a classmate or teacher from your class who signed up as an organizer for your class.