At these levels of creativity, both the healer and the one being healed unite in a profound relationship in which the natural state of healing returns. True relationship is the fundamental condition of our work. Instead of purifying ourselves of all our difficult parts, we seek healing by learning how to be in profound and kind relationship with all that is, including our imperfections. In this way, dynamic change is given an abiding home in the totality of our being.

“Nondual Kabbalistic Healing is the most in-depth training offered by A Society of Souls, encompassing four years of classes and a palette of 16 healings. The curriculum weaves the ancient wisdom of the Kabbalah, including the Tree of Life and the Four Universes, with Buddhist thought, the insights of quantum physics, a Western psychological understanding of the human condition, and the teachings of Nonduality, into a deeply transformative healing modality. The work of NKH descends to the essential levels of creation.”