The Nondual Healers Association is an organization for graduates of A Society of Souls to connect with each other and to offer their professional services to the public.

Nondual Healers trained at A Society of Souls are deeply motivated to help fellow human beings work through difficulties and engage more deeply with the pleasures and struggles of life. Nonduality describes the interconnectedness of all living things as we also acknowledge our individuality. A Nondual healer works in this territory of true connectedness and individual separation allowing clients to become more present and resilient to life as it is.

As healers we learned to embrace all the aspects of ourselves, including the parts we like and don’t like, with kindness which opens us up to a fuller, more vibrant life. We walk this walk with our clients and help them heal the suffering from traumas, loss, death and other human struggles.

Our members have graduated from a rigorous 4 year program of study which focuses on self inquiry and healing. This is a unique requirement to this Nondual path and it allows our practitioners to be present without judgement or expectations. Some graduates choose to not have a professional practice and share their gifts as healing presences in the world.

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