Nondual Healers Association

Welcome to the Nondual Healers Association website.

The Nondual Healers Association (NDHA) was created for the graduates of A Society of Souls, a school of training in healing and spiritual awakening.  The NDHA website offers a new meeting space just for ASOS graduates, to build community and to promote their healing practices to the general public.

Members of the Nondual Healers Association are a diverse group of people from many countries and cultures, dedicated to reducing suffering in the world. They are all graduates of programs developed by Jinen Jason Shulman, founder of A Society of Souls. These programs include the four year training in Nondual Kabbalistic Healing, the Work of Return Professional Training, and training in Nondual Shamanism. ASOS graduates are informed by in-depth study of the principles of Kabbalah and Nonduality and are called to help others as professional healers, fellow human beings and through other work and modalities.